I concentrate on the following practice areas:

1. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (FOIA) AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW I have represented reporters, newspapers, bloggers, community groups and regular citizens seeking to vindicate their rights under the Freedom of Information Act and the U.S. Constitution. Typically, I do not charge FOIA plaintiffs a fee for my services, but, instead, rely on statutory fee-shifting provisions that require the government to pay my fee if the client prevails. If the client does not win then I do not get paid. Read Don Padou's Guide to the District of Columbia Freedom of Information Act.

2. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) I represent clients covered by the ADA. I focus on clients with visual impairments with a particular emphasis on the application of the ADA to government buildings and services, including public transit. I am legally blind and, I believe, this allows me to argue more forcefully for my clients.

3. CONTRACTS AND COMMERCIAL LAW I offer commercial legal services to small and medium-sized companies. I help companies structure financing to ensure that they are getting the best terms possible. I negotiate a wide variety of contracts and agreements on behalf of companies using negotiating skills developed over two decades of work on trading desks. I have drafted agreements covering trade secrets and other intellectual property rights; confidentiality agreements; complicated contracts involving the construction or leasing of industrial facilities; and employment agreements.

4. ENTREPRENEURIAL LEGAL SERVICES I use my two decades of experience in investment banking to provide a unique set of legal services to entrepreneurs starting high tech and health sciences companies. I help entrepreneurs raise money through both Angel networks and by soliciting investments from foreigners under the JOBS Act. I help founders and insiders manage their relationships with investment banks. In particular, I offer guidance that maximizes gains when founders and insiders make sales under Rule 144.

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